Poor Clare Monastery

of Mary, Mother of the Church

A cloistered Poor Clare nun is:


a daughter of St. Francis and St. Clare,
who seeks to observe the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ,
to listen to His words and follow in His footsteps.

She is a woman who seeks to find Christ
and in this seeking of Him,
finds the way to the depths of her own heart. 

She wants to make a gift of her heart so that Christ may give her His Heart.   

She desires to love Him totally who gave Himself totally for her sake.  

She is one who is learning to love Him more selflessly,
open to prayer and sacrifice
for the Church, and for all, the living and the dead.  

Leaving all things for God alone
in a vowed life of obedience, without anything of her own, in chastity, and in enclosure,
she discovers the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  

She knows the One to Whose Love she has consecrated her life
and that He will not disappoint her.  

She is spouse of the Crucified  


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Poor Clare Monastery
of Mary, Mother of the Church

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